Nursery in Argentina

Our projects offer actions aimed at management, restoration, enrichment, and conservation, taking into consideration both current needs and ethical responsibility for future generations. Natural capital, which consists of a stock of seeds and plantings, should therefore not decrease over time. That is why every year we need to replenish this stock by collecting seeds from indigenous trees and sowing them to produce seedlings.

Due to the insufficient local supply of seedlings of valuable indigenous plant species to support the projects and, on the other hand, the inability to confirm whether the seedlings were of good quality if purchased from elsewhere, we had to consider building our own nursery.

As vital tree propagation centres, nurseries promote environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation and offer economic and environmental benefits essential for a healthier planet.

Today, the nursery has the capacity to produce up to 400,000 seedlings each year. As the number of projects we create and manage increases, we plan to continue to expand the area and production capacity of the nursery.

The main species we produce are Caña Fistola, Timbó, Guatambú, Cedro Misionero, Loro Negro, Loro Blanco, Guayubira. Among some exotics are Hovenia, Paraíso, and Australian Red Cedar. Our vision for the future is to be able to grow many seedlings of other species as well, both for our projects and for sale elsewhere in the province.

Our goal is to become a reference for others in the region when it comes to producing valuable native species. We can adapt and produce other valuable species while maintaining the main objective of supplying quality planting material to carry out our forestry activities. Similarly, we have the technical capacity to produce planting material for other companies or individuals who wish to plant it in Misiones or in different parts of the country.

There is no doubt about the beneficial effects that nurseries have on production of healthy plants through the creation of a favourable microclimate, the sustainable use of soil and water, and its enrichment with micro-organisms.

About the project

Country: Argentina

Objectives: Production of seedlings of mainly native high-quality species

Capacity: 400,000 per year

Investment type: Private

Additionality: Preserving native species by continuing collecting of seeds

Advantages of the Nursery

Well designed
Good soils
High-quality seedlings
Well-managed and protected

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